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9 Things to Beware of About Breathing Bad Air

October 20, 2014

By: Connerton Community Writer

Indoor air quality refers to the level of cleanliness of the air found inside your house. Most of the time the air found in your home will have been modified by the internal surroundings and will differ from the air that is found outside. We typically worry more about outdoor pollution, but poor indoor air quality will significantly impact the health of your family.

100940140In order to prevent any unwanted problems, it is essential that your home’s indoor air is given the proper attention it deserves. Failing to do so can lead to serious health issues down the road.

Short-Term Effects

  1. Nausea and Vomiting – This may lead to low consumption of food, which results in lack of nutrition. This is especially critical for young children and elderly folks.
  1. Headaches and Dizziness – This may become common in your house if you lack proper heating, cooling, and circulation.
  1. Lethargy and Fatigue – Persistent poor air quality is likely to lead to sleepless nights, which in turn will cause excessive tiredness and fatigue throughout the day.
  1. Shortness of Breath & Rapid Heartbeat – Air that is very hot will definitely lead to increased heartbeats and shortness of breath since the air is too hot for the lungs and cannot be inhaled comfortably.
  1. Eye Irritation – When the air inside your home is polluted and stagnant it may cause itchy, watery, or burning sensations in the eyes of the inhabitants.
  1. Rashes – Dry, itchy skin and/or rashes are common in regards to poor indoor air quality.

Long-Term Effects

  1. Nose Bleeds – Constant inhalation of low quality air over a long period of time weakens the blood vessels in your nose, making you more susceptible to frequent nosebleeds.
  1. Painful Breathing – Regularly breathing in air of low quality makes breathing a painful task, which is incredibly inconvenient since we must breathe in order to survive.
  1. Worsening Asthma and Wheezing – For people who have asthma it may get worse over time if they continue breathing in poor air quality.

92039517All of the above-mentioned health concerns can be avoided by ensuring optimal air quality within the walls of your Connerton home. Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling unit is critical in order to accomplish that. It is highly recommended that you change your air filters regularly and have a professional test the quality of the air inside your home from time to time. Healthy air means happy family.

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