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A Message from the CDD

May 16, 2019

Dear residents of Connerton West CDD,
It has been a long time coming to get the former Connerton Blvd. / Rose Cottage playground area graded and drainage installed, but we have the contract in place and have ordered the new playground.  Attached are two views of the planned playground. You will see some exciting options to include a large 9-12 year playground set with multiple slides and climbing areas. There is also a playground set for the younger group and a large swing set consisting of 8 swings of which 2 are ADA designed, 2 for tots and 4 for everyone else. The orbiting spinning / climber will be the highlight of fun. We also have a balancing beam log and the green gator. There are benches and picnic tables included. The shipping and install will still take some time and we are hoping for a worse case scenario of the end of July. Thank you for your patience with this project and we hope you will enjoy this for years to come.

– Connerton West CDD Board of Supervisors

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