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WTS International

Connerton offers more existing branded events for residents, more social gatherings, and more activities, thanks to our management partner WTS International.

WTS International is a 40+ old company with more than 2,000 employees specializing in consulting and management services for more than 300 residential facilities, spas, fitness centers and leisure spaces worldwide. Clients include the most recognizable hospitality, residential and wellness brands in the world.

The company expertly manages the day-to-day operations of Club Connerton, providing an endless array of programs, activities and events for residents to enjoy.

They’ve also been managing Connerton’s Lifestyle Program since 2007, offering a wide variety of social opportunities for residents to meet neighbors and make new friends.

Families look forward to our annual Signature Events year after year, many of which are in their 8th & 9th year.

21100 Fountain Garden Way • Land O’ Lakes, FL 34637 • 813.996.5800