The Community of More...

Connerton Heritage

To truly understand Connerton, you have to first consider the history of the land itself and the concept behind the development of the property into a planned community. The Conner family helped to develop the vision of utilizing the ranch for future residents in Pasco County, but in doing so, preserve a large portion of the property in its natural state for all time. They could have just as easily built more homes, golf courses and other amenities. By setting aside a large tract of land, they made the conscious choice of preserving a home for the original residents of the land, including sandhill cranes, deer, alligators, blue herons, otters and wood storks.

This vision allows families and Florida wildlife to live harmoniously side-by-side, both having their independent areas of land to live and grow upon. That idea still thrives today and you can experience the real beauty of Florida while enjoying the true meaning of neighborhood living. Many communities are comprised of a specific age group and tend to be more homogeneous in makeup. At Connerton, you’ll come to realize that it’s a place for all ages as well as all native creatures, new families living next door to empty nesters and everything in between. It really is a true community in that sense, with a rich history for preserving what matters most.

More conservation than any other community in the area for both its natural and new inhabitants. This is the Community of More.

21100 Fountain Garden Way • Land O’ Lakes, FL 34637 • 813.996.5800