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Nature Trail
Trail Head
Nature Trail
Meander through woodlands, around numerous lakes, and explore all that Mother Nature has to offer right in your own backyard. It's your chance to get away from it all and back to nature to experience Florida at its finest. This land has been preserved for humans and animals alike, striking a harmonious symphony of life.

Take the kids for an adventure or stroll with a loved one back in time to enjoy the simple beauty of life as it was intended to be.
When the trail meets water, the adventure continues. There are several boardwalk areas that extend your passage across marsh areas to give you a bird's eye view of the creatures that inhabit the water below. From fish to amphibians, to reptiles, Florida boasts a cornucopia of wildlife and creatures that call these watery destinations home.

Along the way, you'll encounter informational signs that will educate and captivate your imagination about the animals that still call Connerton their home. By design, our community was envisioned as a very special place for all living things to settle in and live life in harmony.
If water is the essence of life, then Connerton embodies life itself. In the preserve, you'll encounter pristine lakes filled with wildlife and beauty. From Cypress trees to birds of numerous species, to the American Alligator, they all find sanctuary here. Preserved forever and for all residents to enjoy anytime they choose, the lakes of Connerton refresh your senses.

When the sun sets and rises each day, the lakes offer a mirror to the skies reflecting the colors of the rainbow from the skies above. Breathtaking sunsets cast their hues of reds and pinks and yellows upon the water creating a spectacle each day. What more could you imagine in a place centered around the beauty of nature.
The shallow waters of wetlands in Florida are the nurseries for fish and hatchling waterfowl alike. They are teaming with life and color. Lilies suspend their floating pads upon the surface and shoot colorful blossoms skyward, while cattails line the shores with their grace.

Walk on water here over the boardwalks to catch a glimpse of natural beauty just below the surface. Serenity comes in many forms and water is the sustenance that makes all life possible. So take time to explore your newfound home in Connerton and see the real beauty of Florida living in a community centered around nature.
Trail Head
Every journey in life has a beginning and an end. At Connerton, there are endless opportunities for such adventures. The trailheads of our nature trail offer the most natural experience of all. Enter a world that Mother Nature created and the developers of the community have set aside for all time. A place for man and animal to come into contact with one another even if only for a brief time.

The trailheads are not really the beginning and end of the trail system because if you make your home in Connerton, you can step inside anytime you choose. Lose yourself and find yourself at the same time, every day.
Commonly called snake birds because, while swimming, only their head and a portion of their neck is above the water's surface. At first glance it appears to be a snake.
Quite common in Florida and very valuable to the ecosystem. None are aggressive and most are non-poisonous, however, many snakes will defend themselves, so they are best observed at a distance.
Otters are playful animals with a diet primarily consisting of fish. They have a soft underfur protected by an outer layer of hair that keeps them dry and warm when underwater.
American Alligator
Once endangered, their diet usually consists of fish, turtles, and small mammals but may attack anything if agitated. They should be respected and watched from a distance. Do not feed.
Wood Stork
The only stork found in North America is usually in cypress trees surrounded by water. A Wood Stork feeds by groping in the water until it bumps into prey and grabs it in its large beak.
Hoot Owl
The Hoot Owl is nocturnal, primarily hunting at night for mice. They live in tree cavaties and are known for their call consisting of eight accented hoots.
Little Blue Heron
Common in marshy wetlands, they constantly move looking for small fish, amphibians and invertebrates. Blue Herons are born white and achieve maroon and blue feathers with maturity.
They're actually mammals and are almost always most active at night. Considered nature's best bug control, each bat can eat up to a thousand mosquitoes and other bugs in about an hour.
Sandhill Cranes
The Sandhill Cranes are easily identifiable by their red foreheads, long legs and loud calls. They mate for life and their babies are reffered to as colts.
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