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Conner Preserve

How many places can you walk out your front door and, in minutes, be in the midst of an enchanted forest? How many places offer you breathtaking sunsets, shimmering lakes, plant and shrub-filled wetlands and the opportunity to encounter Florida’s native wildlife in its natural habitat?

Connerton Nature Preserve is a sanctuary to hundreds of species of native birds and wild life including anhinga, alligators, blue herons, wood storks, sand hill cranes, bats, otters, owls and snakes.

When the Conner family sold its 8,000-acre working ranch to Connerton’s original developer in 2000, both parties agreed that preserving the spectacular nature of the property took priority over everything else. Working together, they devised a plan that would preserve much of the property’s acreage.

Part of this plan included selling 3,000 acres of the property to the State of Florida to be managed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District. Utilizing $26 million of Forever Florida conservation funds, the sale ensured that future generations of Connerton residents would be able to enjoy Connerton’s natural beauty just as residents do today. To truly appreciate the Conner Preserve, put on your hiking boots or walking shoes, grab a bottle of water and a pair of binoculars, and open your eyes and ears to the wonders of nature. This is old Florida at its finest; 3,000 acres of magnificent trees, beautiful flowers and plants, and miles of winding trails and boardwalk from which to observe the creatures that call it home.

Conner Preserve is a living laboratory of natural Florida, a place where children can learn firsthand about native flora and fauna, and spy its original inhabitants in their native habitat. It’s a classroom without walls, where every walk or trek brings new sights and sounds, and every day is different from the last. Very few people are fortunate enough to be geographically so close to a nature preserve. In this way, Connerton is more than a community, it’s a lifestyle.

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