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Connerton Sports Facilities

Staying active is key to staying healthy and at Connerton, we’re happy to provide the means to this end.

Grab some friends for a friendly volleyball match or gather the best for a serious game of basketball. There are three tennis courts so practicing your swing or playing a game of doubles is easy to plan.

We offer a multi-purpose field at Storybook Park in the Gardens for soccer and pick up football games, as well as a dog park for residents to gather and let their canine friends frolic together.

At The Arbors you’ll find lovely Garden Party Park, the scene of many weddings and celebrations and beautiful Magnolia Park. Connerton Cove, a very special playground designed and built by Connerton parents and kids, boasts unique touches like telescopes and portholes to go along with its pirate theme.

There are more places to play outdoors and gather with neighbors and friends that already exist at Connerton. The Community of More.


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