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Modern Home Design: Eccentric Home Ideas For You and Your Family

November 16, 2017

Modern home designs can be very peculiar. Some homes can look pretty conventional and only have a small instance of customization, but other properties can still house families and look extremely different. Let’s take a look at some of the more eccentric home design ideas and then discuss what you can do to modernize your own new home (without going overboard).

The Car Showroom Home

Matt Fajkus has designed a home that doubles as a fancy car showroom for automobile aficionados. The ground floor of this home is an open space accessed from the driveway by custom wooden barn doors. Along with polished concrete flooring, mechanic’s lifts, workbenches, and toolbox appliances, the home stores both people and classic cars like Ferraris, Porsches, and Alfa Romeos.

The Concrete House

An even more eccentric idea for a modern home doesn’t look too modern from afar. The concrete house is composed of a variety of textured concrete blocks and glass to form a series of distinct spaces. And people can actually live inside of this concrete residence.

Designed by architect Agustin Lozada, the 1,200-square-foot home uses several textured concrete blocks to craft a modern home space, all while keeping construction expenses low. The home’s foundation, beams, and partitions are all exposed and integrated into the actual design of the home.

3d interior rendering

Your Modern Home

If those two eccentric styles of homes aren’t exactly your cup of tea, that’s okay; you can still work with new home builders to construct the perfect modern home design for you and your family. If you’re serious about finding the perfect modern home design, talk to your new home builders about considering certain features like having your residence capable of hosting smart appliances.

According to a National Association of Homebuilders 2016 survey, roughly 90% of respondents listed Energy Star appliances as either desirable or essential in their most-wanted home features list. In order for a home to be considered modern nowadays, it must have at least some sort of smart appliance or home network — so, find the perfect tech for your style and enjoy.

Good luck on your search for the perfect modern home for you and your family! If you want to work with experienced new home builders in Florida, contact Connerton today.

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