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Planned Community Pros And Cons: Is This Housing Choice Right For You?

September 6, 2017

Looking for a new home can be nothing short of overwhelming, especially if you’ll be buying a house for the first time or moving to a completely new area. How do you even know where to start? Many families know right off the bat that they want to look at single family homes in good […]Read More >

The Long History of Master Planned Communities in the United States

September 1, 2017

If you’ve recently been thinking about moving to a new home, you might want to consider looking for a nice master planned community. These master planned communities are fantastic for any family or individual to move into, having been carefully outlined and constructed in a previously undeveloped area. Don’t worry about taxes, either. Taxes on […]Read More >

What to Look For In a Planned Community: 3 Important Things To Consider

August 9, 2017

There are many benefits of moving to master planned communities. Although it’s up to you make the final decision of where you’re going to live, you should at least consider moving into a planned community as a top option. What Sets a Planned Community Apart? If you’re wondering what to look for in a planned […]Read More >

Beware of This Red Flag When Searching for a Possible Community

August 7, 2017

When searching for new communities to move to, whether you’re buying a new home to be built or plan on moving into an existing building, you should look for any potential issues before you make your decision. If a neighborhood is unclean, for instance, you might want to continue your search for a quality community. […]Read More >

Build A Burger

July 12, 2017

Build A Burger Friday, July 14th 5-7 PM Bring your family up to our ConnerTown Café and choose from a variety of toppings to stack onto a juicy burger! The cost is $3 per burger and you may add a drink and fries for a small fee! RSVP by Thursday, July 13thRead More >

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Builder

July 10, 2017

Buying a home is perhaps the most important decision you will ever make as a family. You’ll likely reside there for at least a decade or two, maybe more! And barring a few remodeling projects or home additions, you will be living in the same exact place throughout the entire duration of your stay. Because […]Read More >

Buying a New Home? Consider These 3 Important Steps

July 5, 2017

Buying a new home can be quite stressful. There are so many aspects to consider and it can easily feel overwhelming if you aren’t careful. As long as you plan ahead and are handling each decision with care and patience, however, you should be on the right track to finding a great place to live. […]Read More >

What Makes a Modern Home Great?

June 19, 2017

There is no one single style of home that everyone ranks as their top choice. Because of this, there are hundreds of exterior and interior design possibilities when it comes to building homes. Modern homes, however, have certainly became more popular over the last few years and that trend doesn’t seem to be lessening. If […]Read More >
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