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4 Key Features of a Home with Good Curb Appeal

February 18, 2019

We’ve all done it. On road trips or walks through a new neighborhood, we can’t help but gaze at each house along the street, admiring their beauty or dismissing their flaws. The way a house looks on the outside creates a kind of first impression that heavily influences how onlookers feel about the rest of […]Read More >

Consider a Newly Built Home? These Mistakes Could Cost You

February 13, 2019

About two in five Americans – a sizable 41% of the population — either somewhat or strongly prefer a newly-built home over an existing one. This makes complete sense, considering the lower level of maintenance and property taxes that come with a brand new home. That being said, it’s critical to take the process seriously […]Read More >

5 Eco-Friendly Features To Look For In Your New Home

January 24, 2019

As the decades change, so do the priorities of new homebuyers. Today, those looking at a house for sale often value sustainability and environmental friendliness. To find those values reflected in new home designs prospective buyers should look for. Know these features and you’ll be able to find your perfect, eco-friendly home in no time. […]Read More >

Tips for Building or Buying a Multigenerational Home

January 23, 2019

In the past, it was commonplace for different generations to coexist within the same home. That trend fell out of favor at a certain point, but multigenerational living is on the uptick once again. In fact, a recent estimation from Forbes revealed that approximately 60.6 million Americans are living in multigenerational households, meaning that there […]Read More >

What To Look For In A Newly Built Home

January 7, 2019

When you’re looking at new homes in Land O Lakes, you need to have a checklist of all of the things your dream home will have. This list should include your personal wishes, but also those of your family members. Out of that list, mark which bullet points are absolute necessities and which are wishes. […]Read More >

Buying vs. Building: What You Should Do For Your New Home

January 7, 2019

You’ve decided that you’re ready to move your family to a new home, but you still have one more crucial decision to make. When finding a new home, you need to decide if you will have one custom built or if you will move into one pre-built. While either option gives you the chance to […]Read More >

How To Foster Community With Your Home’s Design

November 27, 2018

One of the great benefits of living in a planned community is the natural camaraderie between you and the other residents who choose to live there. You can most easily bring the community into your home by having enjoyable spaces in which everyone can gather. When you’re looking at new homes, designs of the living room, […]Read More >

The Dos And Don’ts Of Looking At A Home For Sale

November 15, 2018

Looking at homes for sale can be a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from excitement to anxiety to frustration and everything in between. It can be an overwhelming process, but if you know a few key guidelines the entire ordeal will feel a lot simpler. Keep these tips in mind the next time you are looking […]Read More >
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